Shipping status information for American customers

We do ship to the US using DHL. As soon as the parcel leaves Germany, USPS takes over parcels sent to the US and will deliver them through their own supply chain.

Last update: 5 Jul 2022

USPS is currently working at full speed.

We recommend you to go for your Xmas shopping with us as soon as possible, as we expect the parcel transit times to go up the closer we get to Xmas. It would be best if you already do your Xmas shopping at the PlushiePalace in October.

Shipping time estimations and prices are listed here. We calculate shipping by weight and in brackets. Therefore, you may be able to add more items to your cart without increasing the shipping costs. Try it out! Shipping costs for your order will be displayed during checkout.

Why don't you team up with someone else for an order? You can split the shipping costs that way. One of you needs to place one order with all articles, then the shop will calculate the shipping for one parcel with everything included. This will quite likely be cheaper than two separate parcels.
Once your parcel is sent, you will get a tracking link by email. If the tracking page isn't displayed correctly, click the link a second time. You can also enter the tracking number (starts with C... and ends with ...DE) into USPS' tracking system.

It is quite normal that USPS does not update the tracking regularly as soon as they take over the parcel. It sometimes happens that the tracking does not update for 14 days or more, because USPS sometimes does not scan the parcel at every distribution centre. The next update might just be posted in the morning of the delivery day.
Your parcel is still being processed. Thanks for being patient.

If your parcel is late and you have been waiting for more than 7 weeks/42 days after the day of shipping, please send us a message through the contact form or reply to your order confirmation email. You can use this calculator for adding 42 days to the day of dispatch. We will start an investigation through DHL then. For your inquiry, we need an email from you in which you state that you haven't received your parcel yet. This is a requirement from DHL, they want to see this. You may, but not have to, use this template:

Hello Mr. Schuette,

I, [your name here], hereby confirm that my parcel with the tracking number [tracking number can be found in your account on] which was shipped by you on [date from the tracking where it says "Shipment has been posted" or "Pick-up was successful"] has not arrived yet.
The postal service may reach me by telephone: [your telephone number here]
I would like you to start an investigation, please.


[your name here]

We will do the necessary paperwork then and transmit the data to DHL (please see the legal note below).
DHL will start the investigation then and they will try finding the parcel. If nothing could be found within 3-5 weeks, they may actually declare the parcel as lost. We will then get in touch with you as soon as there's news.
So far, none of the parcels we sent actually got lost. They all arrived, though with delays in some cases.
Please note that in case your parcel really got lost, the parcel insurance will only take effect if an investigation has been started and the parcel has been declared lost by DHL. Therefore, we would like to ask you to send us the request for starting a parcel investigation as soon as possible after the 42 day mark after the date of shipping has been met.

Legal note

By sending the form above to us by either e-mail or through the contact form, you agree that we save and process your data according to our GDPR and you allow us to forward your data to DHL Paket GmbH, Sträßchensweg 10, 53113 Bonn, Germany.