Klarna Payments

Currently we're working on integrating Klarna payments in our shop. This will enable paying in installments for many of our international customers as well.
Currently, paying in installments is available through PayPal, but this only works for our German customers.

Brexit news

Shortly after Xmas 2020, the UK government has published the new regulations for importing goods into the UK. These regulations are ridiciulously complicated. These include that we would have to register our company for VAT in the UK and pay the VAT from our sales in this country to the HMRC, which would incur yearly bookkeeping costs in the mid four-digit range.

As this amount would be way more than the average yearly profit in the UK we've had in the years before, we decided that it's not worth the effort. Therefore, we were forced to cease operations to the UK. We deeply apologize for the inconveniences.

The aim of the UK government seemed to be keeping foreign traders out of their market. That worked well for us and many other companies. If the UK government changes the laws to something more thought out, we'll be glad to eventually serve customers in the UK again.

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