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How to reach us  

Questions? Looking for something that we don't have listed in our shop? Here, you can contact us via e-mail. Usually, you should get a response within two business days. Please do not send multiple messages.

The quickest way to get in touch with us is via Telegram. Or send us a DM on Twitter.
SHIPPING INFO FOR US CUSTOMERS: We apologize for the current shipping situation. Click here for more information.


NO SOLICITING ALLOWED. We are not interested in your services or offers. Violators will be charged for wasting our time and we reserve the right to take legal action.

Answers may take up to two business days. Until then, please do not resend your message.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much is shipping to my country?
See our detailed Payment & Shipping page. For example, one standard parcel for up to 5kg to the US which fits up to three Semo wolves (71cm/28") is 49€. The shop system calculates the shipping price automatically and displays it before you finalize your purchase. In many cases, you can add more to your cart without increasing the shipping costs. Try it out!
  • I have issues with the shop system.
Please let us know, so we can get that fixed. Meanwhile, we'll be glad to take your order manually. Use the contact form or contact us on Telegram. Also, you can switch your order to "Bank transfer" as a method of payment and then pay though PayPal manually. Please reply to your order confirmation email to get further instructions then.
  • The shop doesn't show the total in the cart.
The total will be displayed on page 3 Confirmation of the checkout process. If you have a PlushiePalace account, you can go through the process until this page without being charged. Withdrawal will take place when you click on the BUY button of that page.
Also, you should be able to checkout using your Paypal account. In the cart, click on CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL. You will then see the PayPal dialog. If you proceed then, you will be forwarded back to the Confirmation page of the shop where you get a final total displayed and the BUY button. You will not be charged before you press the BUY button.
  • I have placed an order, can I have a tracking number?
Usually, we will send you an email with a tracking link (check your spam folder). Otherwise, please log in to your account and look at the list of your orders. A link should be provided there. If there's really nothing, please get in touch with us.
US customers: It's quite normal that the tracking doesn't show a lot of updates after the parcel is in transit to the US. You may just receive the next update on the morning of the day of delivery. You can also insert the tracking number into the system of USPS and sign up for update notifications there.
  • The DHL tracking link doesn't seem to work.
Please click on it another time. In some cases, the page isn't displayed correctly until it's loaded for a second time.
  • My parcel to the US hasn't updated its tracking info for quite a long time.
USPS sometimes neglects scanning the parcel along the way. A lack of updates in the tracking does not mean your parcel is lost. Please read here for further information.
  • I am looking for a specific plushie, can you help me?
The PlushiePalace has access to over 1500 different plushies. We can procure plushies fast from the following manufacturers: Semo, Trudi, Unitoys/Leosco, Hansa, Anima, Cuddle Toys/Douglas, Kösen, Keel (large plushies only), Doudou/Histoire d'Ours, Heunec, Folkmanis, WWF. Discontinued plushies can't be procured in most cases anymore. If there's a rare collector's item up for sale, you can find it in the Treasure Chest category.
  • Do you have more available than what is shown in the shop?
Entering articles into the shop takes a lot of time. Often, the influx of new products happens too fast so we cannot catalogize every single item in time. If you're looking for something specific, please get in touch with us.
  • How long does it take to restock products which have been sold out?
Semo, Unitoys/Leosco, Cuddle Toys/Douglas, Heunec, Folkmanis and WWF items can usually be restocked within 2-3 business days after an order in our shop has been placed by a customer. For the other manufacturers, times vary between 1-3 weeks.
  • I have looked at an article a while ago, but the delivery time hasn't changed.
Many of our articles will be procured or made to order. The clock for the time frame starts running as soon as someone has placed an order for this article. We encourage you to place your order even if the article isn't availabe right away. Then, we will procure your order as soon as possible. Your order will be shipped in one parcel as soon as everything has arrived at the PlushiePalace.
  • I'm interested in getting a custom plushie made, what are the conditions?
Sorry, custom made plushies cannot be made anymore.
  • My country isn't in your list.
In order to keep the layout comprehensible, we want to keep the list as short as possible. Drop us a message with what you would like to order and we'll check if we can ship to your country, and give you a quote manually.
We cannot ship to the UK, Poland, Spain and several other countries.
  • I want to have something else from Germany, can I have it sent to you and you ship it on to me or add it to my next order?
Sorry, we do not act as a shipping proxy. This would cause irregularities in our bookeeping.
  • I'm thinking of making a really large order. Can we talk about rebates?
Sure. Get in touch, let us know what you're eyeing for and we can discuss special or wholesale conditions.
  • What do you get if you throw a piano down a mineshaft?
A flat minor, of course. If you laughed, check out my music on Soundcloud.