Payment & Shipping

Our location is in Germany. We deliver to the following countries listed below.
Shipping is calculated by weight, not by volume. Brackets are: up to 5kg, up to 10kg, up to 20kg.
The shop calculcates the cost automatically. You can get a quote anytime by putting some articles in the cart and clicking on "Shopping cart". Then, you will get a quote without having to checkout.
These costs include shipping, handling, packaging and current surcharges (if applicable).
Tip: In many cases, you can add more plushies to your cart at no additional shipping costs! Try it out!
Shipping costs are equal for the whole destination country, regardless of your location within the country.

US customers: Please see the table below and this page for further explanations.

Germany (domestic)
Standard shipping: 5kg: 7,50 €, 10kg: 10€, 20kg: 16,50 € Shipping time: 2-5 business days
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden
Standard shipping: 5kg: 18€, 10kg: 25€, 20kg: 40€ Shipping time: 3-10 business days
Important: Until Jan 2023, shipments to Finland and Sweden will be delivered to the Closest Droppoint and may not be delivered to your home directly.
United States of America (USA)
Standard shipping: 5kg: 49€, 10kg: 85€, 20kg: 150€ Shipping time: 18-48 business days
Expedited: 5kg: 75€, 10kg: 120€, 20kg: 220€ Shipping time: 15-30 business days
Standard shipping: 5kg: 55€, 10kg: 85€, 20kg: 135€ Shipping time: 26-48 business days
Expedited: 5kg: 60€, 10kg: 90€, 20kg: 160€ Shipping time: 15-35 business days
Australia, New Zealand, Japan
Standard shipping: 5kg: 72€, 10kg: 115€, 20kg: 200€ Shipping time: 26-38 business days
Expedited: 5kg: 110€, 10kg: 180€, 20kg: 330€ Shipping time: 10-18 business days
Switzerland, Norway
Standard shipping: 5kg: 29€, 10kg: 37€, 20kg: 51€ Shipping time: 3-7 business days
Expedited: 5kg: 37€, 10kg: 50€, 20kg: 70€ Shipping time: 3-5 business days

We do not ship to the UK anymore. Thanks to the Brexit regulations, we cannot sell to UK customers anymore.

Smaller goods that fit into a letter sized cardboard box (30x25x5cm approx) can also be shipped through Warenpost or within Germany in a letter.
If this is possible, this option will be shown in the shipping options in the checkout before you finish the process. If your cart contains one or more articles that do not fit into this box, this option will not be available in the selection.
Within Germany (domestic):
up to 1000g**: 3,95€ (Großbrief registered mail)
up to 1500g**: 4,99€ (Maxibrief registered mail)
Shipping time: 2-6 business days
Warenpost International
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands
600g**: 6,90 €, 1000g**: 8,50 €, 1500g**: 11,50 €
Shipping time: 5-15 business days
All other countries listed above
600g**: 7,90 €, 1000g**: 12 €, 1500g**: 18 €
Shipping time: 10-35 business days

**The shop adds 500g of weight to every cart for the wrapping. As this amount cannot be made smaller for letter shipments, the weight brackets mentioned above are adjusted to reflect these changes.

Orders can only be shipped to the countries listed above. If you demand shipping to a country not listed here, please get in touch with us through the contact form, through e-mail or Telegram. We will have to check individually if we can arrange for shipping to your country. If this is the case, we will send you an quote with the shipping costs.

We ship with DHL. Shipments to destinations outside of Germany will be taken over and delivered by the local national or state-owned forwarder as soon as your parcel leaves Germany. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays do not count as business days.

*Shipping times vary, depending on your location. Items that are marked as "In stock" have the delivery times listed in the table above.

Your parcel will be sent out within two working days after we receive your payment, as long as we have all items in stock. If you order several items with different delivery times, the longest time of those comes into effect as all items will be shipped together. Items that are not readily available will be procured or made to order within 2-3 weeks. This time has to be added to the time frames mentioned above.

For shipping, we preferrably reuse the packaging which has been provided by the manufacturers. It's quite likely that the packaging sent to you will have imprints from a toy company. If you wish to have a neutral packaging, leave a note in the Comments field during checkout.

In case of a return, the customer has to pay for the costs of shipping back.

Keep in mind that especially for international overseas shipping, these costs may exceed the price for your order. You have been warned.

We accept the following methods of payment:

1. Advance payment via SEPA bank wire transfer
2. PayPal
3. Credit card via PayPal

1. Advance payment via SEPA bank wire transfer
Transfer the amount to our account though bank wire transfer within 5 days. Note the order number in the remarks. You will get our bank account details and the order number through a separate e-mail.
Make sure that the amount reaches us in full.

2. PayPal
Payment through the payment service provider PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg. During checkout, you will be forwarded to the web site of PayPal. Enter your PayPal account credentials there (possession of a PayPal account is mandatory). PayPal deducts the amount from you immediately and forwards your payment towards us.
See also the Terms of Service of PayPal here:
If PayPal allows you to pay in installments (PayPal Ratenzahlung/ PayPal Credit), this will be displayed during the payment dialog. This depends on your customer's history logged at PayPal. PayPal will perform an automated check of your data and of your solvency. We have no contol about their decision and we have no insight into their data, so we cannot tell you if you will be eligible for PayPal Credit / PayPal Ratenzahlung.
PayPal may charge you additional fees for using this service. Further information and an interest rate calculator can be found here:

3. Credit card via PayPal
Payment through the payment service provider PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg. During checkout, you will be forwarded to the web site of PayPal. Enter your credit card details there (possession of a PayPal account is not mandatory). PayPal deducts the amount from you immediately and forwards your payment towards us.
See also the Terms of Service of PayPal here for customers with a PayPal account: and the Terms of Service of PayPal for customers without an account:

Payment cards or vouchers from other services, as well as Bitcoin and other crypto currency are NOT accepted.

When the receipient of the goods is situated outside the EU, there might be import taxes and fees to be paid by the customer (this usually does not apply to US customers). These might be the costs for money transfers raised by banks (wire transfer fees, currency exchange fees) The customer has to check back with the local authorities for details on their own.

Further information can be found at and for value added taxes here: and especially for Switzeland here: For other countries, please ask for information at your local customs authority.

Our TOS and GDPR apply, see these for further information.